The Publicans

When more than a century of family heritage stands behind the tavern bar, you can be sure that those Tidswell ancestors have a tale to tell and some colourful secrets to reveal.

So in honour of those lively characters, we continue the tradition of bringing fine wines to appreciative punters, and raise a glass to "The Publicans" who inspired us.

The Publicans of past are bottled

One of South Australia’s oldest and original settler families, the Tidwell’s have launched a range of wines that not only celebrates their own ancestry but also South Australia’s long, rich and varied hotel culture.

Proprietor of Tidswell Wines and winemaker, Ben Tidswell said: “The new range, called The Publican Series, celebrates the publicans of our past and those who stand behind the bar today”.

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Gun Traders


Tough times call for tough measures and a fair dose of creative enterprise, so when cash strapped diggers returned from WWII, they might not have had much ready money, but they had a good thirst and fair cache of valuable old grenades, guns and war relics. Violet Tidswell and her husband John happily exchanged beer for gun-barrels, earning them a tidy profit and many satisfied customers.

2014 vintage is now SOLD OUT! New vintage 2016 now available to purchase here! Select Shiraz parcels were taken from our family estate vineyard on the Limestone Coast, to produce this excellent ‘food’ wine, characteristic of our region. A full flavoured Shiraz, with a bouquet of rich, dark berries, the subtle pepper and spice is balanced with superb oak characters leading to a smooth, satisfying finish.


Min order of 6 bottles. Free delivery for 24 or more bottles (combination of any wines included).

Wild Violet


Shady Violet