2017 Publican Shady Violet Pinot Gris

There was something very shady going on, back in 1939, when normally shrewd and eagle-eyed publican, Violet Tidswell was fined £9.1s for not selling ‘true-to-label’. She denied it of course. But the case was most mysterious for the fact that, from cheap Old Court Whisky bottles it was actually stronger foreign whisky that was being poured. Was Violet up to mischief? Alas we’ll never know.


The 2016/17 growing season was very different from the previous year, with much of our district recording very high rainfall and some flooding. This meant the vines were well set up for the growing season ahead. The storms that tracked across the state in December, fortunately bypassed our region and there was a late start to summer. The heat eventually did arrive in January and summer was long with lower temperatures on average, meaning slow ripening and a later harvest. The vines yielded well, producing generous bunches of ripe fruit.


The Pinot Gris vines have been nurtured for 5 years in Perkins Block on our Heathfield estate vineyard and have been harvested at 12.5 Baume.

The 2017 Shady Violet Pinot Gris is vibrant and refreshing with abundant green apples and citrus, underlying mineral notes and hints of leatherwood honey. With a balanced acidity and clean, crisp finish it is the perfect partner to Asian cuisine.

Serve chilled and consume within 2 years for optimal freshness.


Royal Adelaide Wine Show 2017

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